Retirement Coaching Conference for Advisors (RCC)


Retirement Coaching Conference for Financial Advisors (RCC)


"Congratulations to Radius for offering this much needed event. Retirement income planning is a very complicated area of finance and consumer demand for competent advisors in this area continues to grow. Obviously, by having full subscription to this day, the desire from advisors is also apparent. Your initiative to help advisors become more proficient in this area by creating and promoting this conference is to be commended. Wishing you much success with future events!
Thank you again for allowing me to be part of your day."

Daryl Diamond CFP CLU CHFC
Diamond Retirement Planning


The next five years could be the best five years of your practice IF you recognize and take advantage of the unprecedented opportunity! The first Baby Boomers have turned 65 and, for the next five years, 10,000 more North American boomers will join them each and every day. These retirees need your ongoing advice and you must be equipped to deliver it.


Gone are the days when retirees could simply convert all their equity investments into income-producing products or GICs – the returns won’t allow them to have the retirement lifestyle they anticipated. Many people will be retired for longer than they have been accumulating assets, so they need ongoing, active portfolio management. But there’s more!


Helping clients develop comprehensive retirement plans will always be important, of course, but for this new breed of retiree, so is business succession planning, wills, trusts, tax and estate planning. And how about those who aren’t ready to retire — the ones who want a “transition” period from full-time employment to full-time leisure. They need creative income-producing ideas to help fund their new activities. Regardless of their plan, however, they are all interested in issues around lifestyle, health and wellness. Are you prepared to have those conversations with your clients?


The “Retirement Coaching Conference for Financial Advisors” is designed to provide you with the knowledge you need and a network of resources to assist both current and prospective clients through this most critical stage of their lives . This could be your most important work as an advisor - helping people live the dream they have spent their lives building. Be ready for it!




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