Toronto: APrIL 21-22
One King West





Tom Deans, Ph.D.
Intergenerational Wealth Expert & Best-Selling Author of Every Family's Business and Willing Wisdom


Never has there been a more interesting moment in the history of retirement planning in Canada. And by interesting Dr. Tom Deans means opportunity. As CRM 2 unfolds, Canadians coincidently are looking to their advisors for estate planning solutions that reach beyond capital preservation and funding long and expensive retirements.

Deans explains that in the rush to demonstrate value to clients, advisors need to understand that retirement planning executed strategically involves engaging the broader family in conversation. For it is family who will be providing oversight of their parent’s long-term care.

This powerful keynote makes the case that the advisor’s new role in convening family meetings not only keeps assets under administration after a client dies, but represents their greatest source of new client capital. To get advisors started -- Deans offers 7 questions every family can ask to help plan for their retirement, long term care and the division of assets.

With 12 million Canadians without a legal will, the opportunity for advisors to grow their practice is staggering.


Speaking Faculty


Warren Jestin
Senior Vice-President & Chief Economist,


Dennis Mitchell
Executive Vice-President and Chief Investment Officer,
Sentry Investments


George Hartman
Managing Partner,
ELITE Advisors Canada Inc.


Michael Banham
Vice President, Wealth Distribution,
Sun Life Global Investments Canada Leadership Team


Robert Gignac
Author: "Rich is a State of Mind"


Join us and your colleagues at Canada’s largest Retirement Investment event. The retirement industry is at the threshold of a major evolution. Participant demographics, political scrutiny, product innovation, and employer demands are escalating change and redefinition. This 4th annual event will include industry leading speakers who will provide you with all the very latest information on trends, technologies, insights and solutions to meet your client’s retirement challenges.

Canadians are living longer and facing a greater challenge today to fund their retirement. Saving and building a “retirement nest egg” for the future is becoming more important. Since retirees are living longer, their life expectancies continue to increase, and their pensions are experiencing great change, their retirement savings will be stretched much further. The Ontario government has started on serious reform with a controversial pension plan, and the federal government has proposed changes to federally regulated plans. In addition private companies continue to reduce their defined benefit risk exposure.

In the midst of all these changes are your clients saving enough to achieve and maintain their desired standard of living throughout their retirement? Are you prepared to have these conversations with your clients?

With all this growth and change happening in the retirement planning industry let the 4th Annual Retirement Investment Summit Canada (RISC) be your opportunity to learn, network, gain experience and be visible.

Who Should Attend

Financial Advisors & Consultants:

  • Registered Investment Advisors

  • Investment Consultants

  • Financial Advisors/Planners/Consultants

  • Investment Analysts

  • Management Consultants

  • CFPs, CFAs, CTFAs


  • Fund Managers

  • Insurance Companies

  • Actuarial Companies

  • Banks

  • Broker/Dealers






Service Providers:

  • Accountants

  • Lawyers

  • Regulators

  • Broker dealers

  • Prime Brokers

  • Third-Party Distributors

  • Tax Analysts

  • Technology Providers


  • High-Net-Worth individuals

  • Institutional Investors

  • Endowments & Charities

  • Private Banks

  • Pension Fund Managers

  • Private Equity & Venture Capitalists

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